Sustainable entrepreneurship
and adaptation to
climatic changes

“At present, few educational environments prepare young people for the challenges of climate change.”


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The average temperature on Earth’s surface has already increased by +1.1°C since pre-industrial times.
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The ten hottest years ever recorded are all after 1997. Worse yet, 14 of the 15 warmest years were in the 21st century, which has only just begun.
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On a worldwide scale, an average of 200 million people are affected each year by natural disasters and about 70,000 die.


Sustainable entrepreneurship refers to seizing opportunities related to the protection and preservation of the environment in a measurable way. The performance of new firms is measured in terms of their economic, social and environmental benefits.

Environmental Technologies

According to the OECD, the global market for environmental technologies is worth € 550 billion a year. The United States, the European Union and Japan alone share 85% of this windfall. In France, the Boston Consulting Group evaluated it in 2008 at 60 billion euros per year. Eco-industries mobilized 427,100 full-time equivalents and would represent 8,000 companies.


According to the 4th IPCC report, “there is no doubt about climate warming and is now being witnessed by the observed increase in average air and ocean temperatures, the widespread melting of snow and ice and the increase in the average sea level.”

Sustainable development goals

The International Education Summit champions these goals (SDG) set by the United Nations.

Sustainable entrepreneurship and adaptation to climate change


Al Gore

Politician and environmentalist.
45th Vice President of the 
United States.